Sneaky Shorts

Sneaky Shorts
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Product Description

Wear The Sneaky Short's bladders between your underwear and pants to conceal over 20 ounces of your favorite beverage. Two seperate 10 ounce bladders are hung on the included one size fits all belt and positioned to the front of your thighs. The bladders are customized so that when filled they still maintain their flat shape, and designed to follow the contours of your legs. A hose comes out the bottom to your ankle with a clamp valve and simple raise your leg to your thigh and pour away. A gentle squeeze with your elbow on the bladder will make pouring more efficeint.


These shorts are completely comfortable when walking long distances or sitting. The bladders are positioned on each side of your waist so going to the bathroom is not a problem. Fits waists up to 48"!!!!

Kit inculdes one size fits all belt, two bladders, hoses, and clamp valves. Will fit waistes up to 48"!